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We always try our best to serve our customers. That's the reason why we highly recommend our customers to read the product features first before ordering leather jackets and other outfits. Another important factor is sizing. Kindly read our size chart page and read the instructions that are provided on the page. However after placing an order Slim Fit Jackets sends you size confirmation email through by which you can double check your measurements by following those instructions.

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GTA 5 Trevor Philips Drive Scorpion Jacket
"I really loved GTA 5 jacket but never liked the Scorpio at the back so I waited if there would come any other design than this and yes, it came. This "
Punisher Skull Black Biker Leather Jacket
"When I wore Punisher Skull Jacket, ir was as if the jacket has been made from me. I am really thankful to find a company from where high quality repli"
Shannara Chronicles Aaron Jakubenko (Ander Elessedil) Jacket
"I am a proud owner of this stylish black leather jacket. It is nothing like anything else in my wardrobe. It is so beautiful that all eyes of the girl"
Replica Easy Rider Peter Fonda Motorcycle Jacket For Sale
"Hi this is Paul from Houston. I ordered Easy Rider Peter Fonda costume couple of days back and it’s really comfortable and the leather and stitching"
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