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Mickey Rourke's Wardrobe on Harley Davidson & Marlboro Man

This exquisite leather jacket was worn by “Mickey Rourke” in the 1991 American movie titled “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man”. “Mickey Rourke” played the role of “Harley Davidson” a typical biker with an attitude to die for. Now throughout the movie we saw “Mickey” sport this beautiful and very elegant biker jacket which just caught our attention. The way that Marlboro Man' coat was designed is still a hallmark in the fashion world even after 23 years. Harley Davidson apparel is a true biker jacket and a true masterpiece it is. Every fashion thirsty soul is certainly going to get his taste buds satisfied once getting a feel of wearing this Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man unofficial upper.
This Marlboro Man's attire is not only elegant and stylish to wear but also is made up of cow hide which makes it extremely tough and durable. It contains stiff foam padding on shoulders and elbows which makes it highly efficient to be used as your protective gear.

Product Description:

  • Genuine Cowhide leather and Faux Leather
  • Unofficial Replica
  • Round low neck collar with snap tab buttons
  • Zipped cuffed shutting
  • Double inside pockets, pockets on sleeves
  • YKK zipper
  • Polyester lining
  • Logos on the jacket and thunder design on the back
  • Color (Black, Orange, Yellow)
  • Movie: Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man


8 reviews
The best thing I liked about this Harley Davidson jacket is the finishing and durability of material which is usually hard to find these days, for me this was the best choice. Perfect jacket for bikers and highly recommends.
8 reviews
This Harley Davidson jacket was a pleasant choice which I wish to give to my elder brother and trust me when I gifted it to him he was so happy. He was looking for this kind of biker jacket from years n years and finally I gave it to him.
8 reviews
Riders jacket are something that I live for, I have a huge collection. But I rank this Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man attire is no.1. So unique and so different in every way, every time I wear it I become the center of attraction, no eye passes without noticing me. I can’t figure out which one has a magical spell; the harley davidson's jacket or the store. Well to get this answered I surely need to make some more purchase.
8 reviews
Few months back I witnessed a terrible motorcycle accident, I took the rider to the hospital. Thank god the he survived but he was badly injured. As I am also a frequent bike rider, from this incident I learnt my lesson that safety precautions are highly important. After searching a lot I found this Harley Davidson & Marlboro Man attire the best for this purpose. Now I always wear this while ridding, it is very protective plus comfortable.
8 reviews
This was my first purchase from your online store, the Harley Davidson Marlboro Man costume has arrived today. I was very nervous as I had not heard about this store, but after getting my order in hands I must say you people provide a remarkable service. Everything is just as per the order, I am totally satisfied and I would also like to recommend it to others.

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