One Direction Zayn Malik Black Biker Leather Jacket


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1 Direction Zayn Malik Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket

• Buttoned straps on shoulders
• YKK zipper at face
• 2 front pockets (zipped)
• Polyester lining
• 2 inner pockets
• Zipped cuffs
• Made from original material
• YKK Zipper at front for complete shutting
• Zipped cuffs (YKK Zipper)
• Polyester lining
• Quality material used in manufacturing
• Fine quality finishing and design

1 reviews
I ordered it for my kid he loves Zayn soooo much he starts his day with his songs and believe me he was so pleased with it and as far as the jacket is concerned oh my words this is just exceptional thanks Sfj

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We are glad to inform you that we cater to all standard sizes and more. In case you that you are apprehended that your size might not be available please do not fret go through our clearly defined chart. Our jackets are available in specific sizes however they are suitable and comfortable to fit individuals of various physiques in an appealing manor. We provide for: Over All Size Variations Offered: Small to 4XL Chest Sizes Variations Available Are: 38" inches to 52" inches (97 cm to 132 cm) Chest Size Ranges Available Are From: 34" - 36" inches to 50" - 52" Inches (86 – 92cm to 122 – 127 cm)

For Example: A 38" Inches (97 cm) Jacket Chest Size Would Most Likely Be Suitable For an Individual with a Chest Size of 34" - 36” Inches (86 – 92 cm) Shoulder Sizes Variations Offered Are: 17.5" inches to 22" inches (44.5 cm - 56 cm)
Sleeves Sizes Variations Offered Are: 25" inches to 28" inches (63.5 cm - 71.5 cm)




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