Bruce Wayne Batman V Superman Black Tuxedo Suit

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BVS Bruce Wayne Black Tuxedo Suit

With the arrival of Batman V Superman, people started waiting for the Bruce Wayne Costumes. One of those was Tuxedo suit and its black color made it more adorable towards the followers. Slim fit jackets are offering three pieces suit which contains a pant, vest and a coat.  Black collars of the coat are quite shinny and with the black bow tie, one can get more professional look. Each of the placed orders isbeing prepared according to the dimensions we get. Owing to black color, one can comfortably use it at multiple events because it is something for very formal usage.


·         Coat, pant and vest

·         Black color

·         Tuxedo suit

·         Coat front button closure

·         Shiny coat collars

·         Coat front chest pocket

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