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Prototype Alex Mercer Clothes - Alex Mercer Costume Cosplay

Attention! All the prototype game fans Attention! Alex is truly a fashion statement and a fellow who is famous for his trendy and classic clothing. Every pure gamer who has known Alex Mercer would agree to the fact that his Prototype jacket and outfit truly is a wish for every gamer to have. Alex Mercer Prototype leather jacket has been especially brought out from the game to life for people with a who have a fine sense of clothing and of course for every Alex Mercer`s fan. This Prototype leather jacket is not only a fashion symbol, but also is made up of finest quality leather, that makes the jacket extremely classy and comfortable at the same time. Furthermore, the black and white dual straps combination on the Alex Mercer leather jacket and its fitting adds value to the elegant and sophisticated look of this jacket. Buy Prototype Alex Mercer leather jacket from us online to avail amazing discount.

Product details

  • Collar: Shirt type collar with zip closure
  • Game: Prototype
  • Inspired by: Alex Mercer
  • UnOfficial jacket
  • Back style: Dragon embroidery
  • Front style: Zip with multiple pockets
  • Hoodie: No
  • Shell: Pure leather (100% guaranty)
  • Cuffs: Zipped cuffs
  • Stitching: Best quality stitching and finishing

3 reviews
Got my Prototype jacket today and I must say that you are something special brand. And the embroidery at the back that is the dragon is really cool. Wow I am loving it!
3 reviews
Believe me when I say “This Prototype Alex Mercer costume is out of the World” and this I believe defines how happy I am with your service and jacket. So, thank you!
3 reviews
Hey, this is Luke from New Jersey and i wanted to say thanks for the jacket you have provided me. Seems like a really good business to me!

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