Guardians of Galaxy Superhero Ronan Costume

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Superhero Ronan Guardians of Galaxy Costume

If you’ve been looking for a nice costume that you can wear for costume parties and even Cosplay events, it would be ideal for you to get this Guardians of Galaxy Superhero Ronan Costume. This costume is highly unique, and not at all that heavy, unlike other leather costumes that you can find in the market. With this one, you’ll surely capture the eyes of other people in the event, without even looking really over the top. So, why not get it and be the best? Never settle for less. Get this leather coat now and enjoy the rest of the event. You will surely look unique and of course, an eye catcher among your friends and colleagues, which will be great, right? If you want to be the star of the night, this leather costume is perfect for you.


Product Specifications:


·         Pure matte finish leather

·         Hoodie

·         Patterned bodice

·         Full-bodied suit

·         Black color

·         Padded shoulders and sleeves

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